Instant Gloves + CPC Database

Version 2.0 - 1999


Krister Forsberg and Lawrence H. Keith

Instant Gloves + CPC Database was developed to provide a technical basis for selecting chemical protective clothing (CPC). It's objective is to give you the best possible information currently available regarding resistance of CPC to a wide variety of chemicals. It is the world's largest international database of chemical permeation and degradation data and it has become the industry standard in its field. This publication, and its predecessors, is widely used throughout the USA, Canada, Western Europe, and some Pacific Basin countries (notably Australia). The CPC products with test data come primarily from the USA, Europe, and Australia. It is published by Instant Reference Sources, Inc. in Monroe, GA.

Now in its 9th edition, this comprehensive database includes over 10,500 reported chemical permeation tests with over 350 different models of chemical protective clothing and 860 chemicals and mixtures In addition, there are over 3,000 chemical degradation tests reported and the database includes about another 50,000 associated pieces of data such as reference source, type of garment, thickness, Permeation Index Number, comments, chemical class, synonyms, and CAS Registry Numbers. Within minutes you can find the information you need for protection versus a specific chemical or all the chemicals within a chemical class, or the performance of a specific CPC model versus the chemicals that it has been tested against. With powerful searching and hyperlink capabilities this data is instantly available to you with a mouse click. And, hot keys link it to all of the other publications in the Professional PC References / Windows tm Series.

The list of chemical classes that contains the 860 chemicals and mixtures is also extensive. Another helpful list contains contacts for most of the manufacturers of the chemical protective clothing so you can reach them for additional information or to order their products if you wish.

You can see example data for selected chemicals in Instant Chemical Hazards, Safety, & Environmental Chemistry Data.

Publication Date: 1999; 3 Diskettes
Requirements: 3 1/2 inch HD drive, 7 MB hard drive space, 2 MB RAM, Windows 3.X or Windows 95
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