Instant Reference Sources, Inc.

We provide consulting services for federal and state governments and private companies. We have over 40 years of experience in chemical analysis, laboratory experience, environmental monitoring, expert knowledge systems, and training. We use this experience to help organizations and individuals to work more efficiently by implementing new technology and providing project-oriented knowledge.

Oil Spill Experience – Sampling & Analysis

Experience with oil spills and the petroleum and petrochemical industry spans four decades. In 2004 – 2005 we collaborated with a company in Australia to develop the world’s first expert knowledge system for sampling oil spills in any matrix. This information is critical for plaintiffs and defendants alike when collecting and evaluating the reliability and representativeness of oil spill data being used for evidence in court. See Expert Witness information below.

Biodiesel Lab Setup & QA/QC Consulting

We will help you setup your biodiesel laboratory to meet all National Biodiesel Board and EPA requirements. We use a cost-effective phased approach to minimize up front expenses and help labs qualify for BQ-9000. To view our cost-effective phased approach click here – for information on the steps needed to setup a biodiesel lab.

Shooting Safety and Protection

Nowhere do safety metrics matter more than in the shooting world, where competitive shooters are required to be able to demonstrate a high level of competence in their ability to shoot acurately and safely. Safety is a huge concern in any sport but especially so in shooting. ANSI safe shooting glasses are a must to protect your ears from fragments. Another important item are ear protectors that will ensure that your ears aren’t damaged.