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Instant Reference Sources, Inc. is pleased to provide you with a free copy of DQO-PRO as well as inexpensive software in the form of a PowerPoint tutorial to help you obtain the best use from your DQO-PRO software.

DQO-PRO will help you to quickly determine the confidence levels in your data based on the number of samples you are analyzing or to help you determine how many samples you would need to analyze in order for you to achieve your data quality goals.

This environmental chemistry software tool is actually three programs in one! Here is what you get when you download DQO-PRO:

1. Enviro-Calc - a statistical software tool that will help you to determine the number of samples needed to estimate an average analyte concentration in site-specific media within a prespecified absolute or relative error with a specified confidence. This calculator assumes that measurements of analyte concentration will be normally distributed and that a random sampling plan will be used to collect samples. While simple random sampling plans are often used in environmental investigations, the assumption of measurements following a normal distribution is less certain. Therefore, unless the user has previous information indicating that the assumption of normality is reasonable, the number of samples estimated by this calculator should be considered to be sufficient to gather preliminary information about an investigative media. Additional sampling may be required in a second or third phase after initial data have been analyzed and the underlying assumptions tested.

2. HotSpot-Calc - a statistical software tool that will help you to estimate how many samples will be needed to avoid (with a given probability) missing a hot spot of a certain size and shape if one existed within a proposed sampling site. An additional benefit is that it can provide users with an estimate of the approximate size that a hot spot would have to be in order to not be missed when budget and/or time constraints limit the number of samples that can be analyzed. Thus, people can make informed decisions rather than be deluded into thinking that they have a low probability of missing a hot spot when a few samples are subjectively chosen. People may still be constrained to analyzing only a few samples but at least they will know then that a much larger spot of contamination would be required to avoid missing it (and this is an important piece of information that was not readily available before).

3. Success-Calc - a statistical software tool that will assist with the sampling design stage of project planning. This calculation program will help you to determine when the frequency with which a characteristic occurs in a population exceeds some frequency of concern (for example, you can calculate how many QC samples you need in order to determine when the frequency of false-positive measurements due to laboratory contamination exceeds 5% at the 90% confidence level). This calculator is a valuable tool for step #6 (specifying limits on decision errors) in EPA's DQO process.

Your DQO-PRO software cost $15,000 to produce. Download it free using the button below!

Next you can learn how to use it quickly and easily with Dr. Keith's tutorial. It has examples, tips, and questions and answers to help you get the most from your free DQO-PRO software.

The tutorial has over 180 PowerPoint "slides" in five separate files. For only $20 you can download the tutorial right now and be using DQO-PRO like a professional within minutes. The PowerPoint slides are in Adobe PDF format. Click Here for a Free Example of the Tutorial

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Notice: The DQO-PRO Tutorial is also helpful with the Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Advisor - EMMA. This free expert system helps you to plan better environmental monitoring projects and the third module uses DQO-PRO to estimate how many samples you will need to meet the confidence levels you specified for your data.

Visit the Environmental Methods and Measurement Advisor (EMMA) at - a free expert system.

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