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Science of the Internet: Basic Tips to Stay Protected Online

how to be safe online

It is safe to say that each one of us would want to increase security and privacy on the internet. The web holds tons of information that are personal to us; from online banking to private emails, the internet even has access to pictures and videos of ourselves. That said, it is extremely important for us to find ways in protecting ourselves from online threats such as hackers.

Online security is often overlooked by internet users since the use of the web is mundane and thus, we tend to forget the little but important things to consider such as online privacy and security measures. We wish to remind everyone about the basic things we can do to improve our security online; some of these tips are listed below.

Online Security

  • Use a VPN.

Instead of revealing your actual internet service provider’s address, using a virtual private network will conceal this sensitive information and instead allow you to use a different address which cannot be trace back to you. Aside from this, the use of VPN will also allow you access to everything, such as music videos, games, shows, that are restricted in your region. This is exactly why VPNs in Pakistan, as well as in other countries with geo-restrictions, are sought after.

  • Strengthen your passwords.

Do not take your passwords or pass-codes lightly; be very careful about these as hackers are quite talented in figure these out. Thus, when deciding for your passwords, you want to make sure you use something unique but not too personal so as to not drop hints for potential hackers. Throwing in several numbers may help strengthen your passwords.

  • Limit your sharing of information.

You can post about your dream house or dream car all you want but your bank information, property documents, billing addresses, pictures of your diamond collection are some of the many information you should definitely think twice about posting on social media or on any online platforms. Even when your account is private, you will never really know who are lurking behind the internet secretly watching your information. Moreover, private issues, as well, should not be posted on social media so as to not let others know what your weaknesses are. Others might just use these information to their advantage.

how to use virtual private network

  • Install firewall and antivirus software.

An all-time security measure to follow is installing firewall and antivirus software that will help protect your device and all the data it contains. This also helps knockout hackers and other online threats.

  • Clear cookies and other data on your cache.

The cache is an online storage of all the data; these data are stored via cookies that serve as trackers. Hence, you must always clear your cache such as your web history. Otherwise, information about you may be sold to companies which will make use of it without your consent.

  • Customize your social media privacy settings.

Social media is a big part of our lives today; almost all our activities or plans are posted on social media. Thus, it is important to keep things private as you do not really want the world to know private and sensitive information about you. Customize your privacy settings according to what makes you safe.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you will have to go back to the basics. Start with your passwords and then move on to the more complicated security measures. Never underestimate what the internet might be able to do with your data; there are as much as bad people online as there are in real life.