Healthy Tips for Pregnant: How to Get Better Sleep During Pregnancy

While it is not easy to bear the weight of the growing fetus inside a mother’s womb, it is difficult to move freely or as they like, especially when sleeping.


Every pregnant are wrestling to find the comfortable position to fall asleep; unfortunately, there are limited sleeping positions for a pregnant woman to use – other than laying on their back, they can only sleep on their sides.

If you are in your first second trimester and currently having difficulties in getting enough sleep, here are some healthy tips on how to get better sleep during pregnancy:

1. Use pillows

During pregnancy, the pressure from the growing weight is put on the sciatic nerve, causing pain and discomfort on the lower back even when sleeping. So, to ease the pain and discomfort, try putting a pillow between your knees, back, and provide support on your belly. Also, you may try investing a full body pillow.

2. Avoid drinking too much liquid before bedtime

Another common factor that interrupts your sleep is making trips to the bathroom; so, try not to drink too much water close to your bedtime. Also, it would be smart to take short trips to your bathroom before sleeping.

3. Avoid taking too much during daytime

It is unavoidable for pregnant women to feel sleepy during the daytime – it is okay. Studies show that taking a short nap is beneficial for both pregnant mothers and the fetus inside them. However, make sure not to sleep more than an hour because it can disrupt your regular sleeping cycle; thus, it’ll be difficult for you to have a better sleep at night. Also, do not take a short nap too close to your bedtime.

4. Try sleeping on your left side

Several studies have conducted and have pointed out that sleeping on the left side has several benefits; this includes the improvement of digestion, help reduce back pain, and more. But more than that, sleeping on the left side has several health benefits to pregnant women. According to the experts, sleeping on left side help increase the flow of the blood and nutrients to the kidney, uterus, more importantly, the fetus.

5. Make your bedroom comfortable for sleeping

One of the biggest sleep deprivation contributors on pregnant women is the ambiance of the bedroom. Is your bedroom too bright or too dark when you are sleeping? Are you comfortable with your bed sheet? Do you have too many pillows?

To make it easier for you to easily fall into sleep, try to make your bedroom relaxing; this includes using the right light when sleeping, right bed sheet, pillow covers, duvet, and pillow. Also, you may use sleeps masks to help you fall to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Being pregnant is fun, exciting, feeling genuinely happy, and more; so, do not ruin your happy mood just because you can’t find the right position to fall asleep. There are several ways that can help you fall asleep even on your third trimester; all you need to do is follow tips and advice like this post.

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